Lava-Based Solutions Are the Best Solutions

The Volcano Party Platform: 


Here at the Volcano Party, we flow with the best possibilities for America’s future. Our platform is fluid, but smoking hot! 
The Volcano Party wants HEALTHCARE (not insurance) for ALL, a Federal Jobs Guarantee with a REAL living wage, and real UBI/Basic Income solutions. The people need substantial consumer & student debt relief, guaranteed education, and an equitable and greener planet. We must put an end to continually erupting regime-change and proxy wars… heck, let’s stop doing war altogether! Let’s rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, and throw in some upgrades while we’re at it! Let’s make sure everyone has a roof over their head, improve public transportation, and re-think social support and public safety. WE CAN DO THIS! 

We also want a puppy and we want to name him Puppy McPuppface.
Alright, fine… we’ll get the puppy ourselves, but everything else can be done without costing taxpayers a penny. 
America is rich in resources, and able to do just about anything with enough political will.
This is why we at the Volcano Party, along with our platform summary listed above, 
support the most effective Lava-Based Solutions™ to put America back on the path to the most colossal magnitude of greatness!

PAID FOR BY AMERICANS FOR LAVA-BASED SOLUTIONS PAC (Not really. This is Parody… or is it?)